Friday, October 29, 2010

Reset page count for Samsung ML-1640

Reset page count for Samsung ML-1640Samsung ML-1640/1641/1645/2240/2241 MLT-D108S: refuelling of starting cartridges, zeroing of counters:
Recently manufacturers of office equipment in every possible way try to protect the cartridges from possibility of their refuelling. In particular already about half a year as there were printers Samsung ML 1640/1641/1645 at which a starting cartridge with a piece of iron instead of the chip. Having bought the cheap printer after a while, users face the first troubles: approximately through 1000 printed pages the red indicator warning starts to blink that the toner in a cartridge will soon end, through 1000 pages this indicator ceases to blink and burns already constantly, blocking work of the printer and, thus, the user is offered to replace a cartridge with the new. Certainly, each time to buy a new cartridge is it is unprofitable. In service - the centres at present refuelling of these cartridges for the present is basically at an experiment stage. But on a question: whether It is possible to use somehow a starting cartridge repeatedly, having filled with its inexpensive toner? - Already there is an affirmative answer.

Anyway, at us already on three printers Samsung ML-1640 it has turned out, and it already statistics. If you are ready to risk, it is possible to try to dump counters on a printer payment, in its back part if it is final for you the general counter of the printed pages is not important. But, consider that thus you will lose possibility of guarantee repair in service-tsentre. And still it is necessary to put completely risk the printer out of action since manufacturers, letting out the production, in the course of manufacture gradually make various changes, including to electronics structure.

And so, you have filled a starting cartridge with a toner, and the red indicator of a toner continues to burn and the printer does not wish to print. That he has earned it is necessary to dump counters in EEPROM 93Ñ66.
For this purpose:

1. On the switched off printer remove a back cover (having turned away two screws).
2. On a smaller electronic payment, that which on the right (the photo see) find a microcircuit 93Ñ66.
3. Find on it 3rd and 4th legs. On a key numbering of legs goes counter-clockwise if to look from above. 1st leg of a microcircuit 93C66 is In the given model of the printer on the right below. Means upwards from it - 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
4. Further, a metal subject close legs 3 and 4.
5. Include the printer, leaving closed 3rd and 4th legs of the given microcircuit, thus indicators of the control panel of the printer will light up and will go out.
6. After they have gone out, wait still approximately hardly less seconds and open legs, counters will thus be nulled. At once it can not turn out. It is necessary to try some times, varying time before disconnection of legs of a microcircuit.
7. After self-testing the printer leaves in readiness and the red indicator of absence of a toner does not light up. It is possible to work!

There is still a second variant how to bypass a problem of blocking of printer Samsung ML1640/1641/1645 on a toner, but it is necessary for making on the new printer still before the toner indicator will start to blink red.

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